remembering the overlooked and underrated


the shaggy elephant is written by Jeremy D. Campbell.

Its mission is to draw attention to things that have been overlooked, underrated, or seemingly forgotten. Although there will occasionally be negative critiques of artistic works, foods, etc., the shaggy elephant will strive to highlight persons, places, and things that explode expectations, offer creative inspiration, and/or are just plain delightful. A new post will appear each week. If there’s more than one post per week, so much the better.

Originally from Michigan, Jeremy Campbell studied literature at Michigan State University. His interests have since expanded to include movies, coffee, artisan cheese, and microbrews. Jeremy has worked for Schuler Books & Music, Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Whole Foods Market, and Bedford Cheese Shop. He now resides in Seattle, where he works for Fran’s Chocolates, eats more single malt whiskey truffles than he probably should, complains about the hills, and is busy co-writing a novel while working on other solo writing projects.

If you’re headed to Seattle, contact him. If you live in Seattle already, shoot him an e-mail. Seriously. He has many places to visit still, and you could go with him. And remember: if you buy him a beer, he might show you his shaggy elephant.

Which, yes, sounds like a euphemism. But it’s not.